Journey with us to experience the wonder. Muslims are turning to Jesus Christ.

Here are some messages we get from people we’re connecting with.

‘I normally don't like talking about religion, but every time I visit your page, I feel my soul and spirit overwhelmed with peace inside of me.’

‘I’ve had a recurring dream of Jesus.’

‘My friends and I want to read a Bible. Can you help us?’

‘I was told I wasn’t allowed in a church, but I still want to know more about Jesus.’

‘Can I get baptised outside of a church?’

‘I have a New Testament and I want to follow Jesus Christ but I have a few questions. I've been reading on my own. Is there anyone I can talk to about what I've been reading? This is very secret; my family doesn't know.’

‘There is no discipleship in [country], even my Christian friends have said the same thing. I've been thinking about using my house to host a meeting with other believers like me because it's hard for us to enter a [brick and mortar] church. … I believe God sent you to me so we can start a church in my house.’

The Arab peoples are responding to the declaration of the wonders of God.

Rasha saw an advert and started asking questions through private messages. The first time she engaged with our content she downloaded a Bible, read Mark’s gospel and more. She’s asked questions of ‘What does unforgivable sin mean?’ ‘What is the difference between the types of forgiveness?’ (Arabic has two words, one for God’s forgiveness, one for people forgiving each other), ‘I've never heard this before, these verses hit me like an earthquake in my life and I can't get them out of my head that God completely forgives our sins through death of Jesus’.

Hamza downloaded a Bible from our website then didn’t get back in touch until a month later, after he’d finished reading Mark’s gospel. ‘I’m now an unbeliever according to Mohammed. What must I do to follow Jesus Christ?’

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