How it Works

Stand at a bus stop in Beirut, mall in Mecca or coffee shop in Cairo and you’re guaranteed to see most people glued to their smartphones, like the rest of us. Arabs love social media. They turn to it for answers, especially when their questions could cause a stir in their family. It provides a safe place to ask questions and find out about Christianity.

At the same time there are widespread misconceptions about Christianity that keep Muslims away from engaging with who Jesus is.

That’s where we come in. We want to use media to overcome seekers’ doubts and draw them to Jesus. Media helps people suspend judgement and enter into a new world, enabling themselves to reimagine life in a different context.


We have three series that uniquely connect with our target audience. Our testimonies of Muslims who have come to follow Jesus are particularly powerful in drawing seekers to faith; helping them realise they’re not alone. We've got an 'explainer' series that addresses specific questions relating to our audience, such as "What is God’s heart for my community?",  "Have you ever felt shame?" and "How can I read the Bible?". Then we've got our animation series of four guys coming to faith in Jesus - need we say more?

Throughout our viewer’s journey of discovery, they’ve had opportunities to connect with our trained, Arab, online responders. These responders cast vision to them to engage their family and friends with what they’re discovering, give them simple answers and biblical passages for questions they’re asking, and evaluate their preparedness to be followed up on the ground.